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Celebrate Independence Day!

Celebrate the Fourth of July with historical documents, photos, and music from the Library of Congress collections.

The Library of Congress, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and the largest library in the world, holds more than 160 million items, but did you know the Library of Congress has more than just books? This summer take a moment to explore the Library of Congress either in person or online.

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Celebrate the 4th of July

Fireworks over the Capitol

Check out collections to see how the Fourth of July has been observed throughout history with prints, photos, publications, cartoons, and more.

See how USA has celebrated with photos and more from

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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Celebrate Independence Day with ! Explore a past exhibit, "First Among Many: The Bay Psalm Book and Early Moments in American Printing," which included the Library's copy of the Dunlap Broadside, the version of the Declaration of Independence actually printed on July 4, distributed to the colonies, and sent to King George III of England. See it and other early American printed works:

YouTube Early Moments in American History

Library of Congress curator, Mark Dimunation, explores early moments in American history and interviews David Rubenstein, who gives the history of the first English book printed in North America, and tells the story behind his purchase of it.

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National Book Festival

National Book Festival Poster 2018

Soaking up the sun with a good book this Fourth of July weekend? Love to read? Then save the date for National Book Festival on September 1, 2018! With more then 100 authors in attendance it's sure to be a great time! Check out the full author line-up and schedule:

Soar through the summer with a good book – join for the

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Patriotic Melodies

Star Spangled Banner

Pick out some music for your July 4th celebrations from the collections of . "Patriotic Melodies" tells the stories behind many of the hymns; national songs; music of the theater, radio and television; military themes; and poetry that have become part of the American national heritage. Listen to historic recordings or download sheet music at .

Find Patriotic Melodies from for your celebrations

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Share on Pinterest Sing Along with our Star Spangled Banner Board! Our National Anthem is 200 years old and not showing signs of aging. Francis Scott Key’s poem set to music is a celebration of the American spirit of perseverance.

Take me out to the ball game

Historic Baseball Card

Take me out to the ball game! This Fourth of July, prepare for the seventh-inning stretch by exploring the historic baseball collection online at . View 2,100 early baseball cards, read the history and view the original sheet music of the “other” national anthem, explore baseball-themed lesson plans, and learn more about great baseball players like Jackie Robinson. Check out this resource, a must for any fan of the game: .

"Take me out to the ballgame..." Did u know has a huge collection?

YouTubeBaseball Americana: Treasures from the Library of Congress

The world's largest collection of things related to baseball is housed at the Library of Congress! From baseball's biggest stars to street urchins, from its most newsworthy stories to sandlot and Little League games, "Baseball Americana" examines baseball's hardscrabble origins, rich cultural heritage and uniquely American character.

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Flying High

U.S. Flag

Get your flags out and ready, July 4th is coming up! Learn about the history, standards, and etiquette of the flag of the United States at . Take what you learned and show your patriotic spirit this Independence Day!

Learn about history, standards, and etiquette of the US flag with

YouTubeMorning colors on U.S. cruiser "Raleigh"

June 1899: Morning colors on U.S. cruiser "Raleigh." Shows a group of sailors and an officer at the stern. The flag runs out in a ball to the end of the staff, and, at the signal, is broken. Proudly the stars and stripes wave in the morning breeze, while the officer salutes.

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Recipes for the 4th

Congressional cookbook

Running out of recipes for your summer barbeque? This Fourth of July weekend try a recipe from community cook book collection! Make a classic such as apple pie, or try something new! Find more information and fun recipes:

Find new for your weekend w/ collection of

Share on Pinterest The Art of Good Eating: Illustrations from the fabulous rare book collections at the Library of Congress. Fine dining, high cuisine and the fine art of distillation. Yum!

National Ice Cream Month

Farm boys eating ice-cream cones.

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Grab yourself a cone (or two) and learn about this sweet month with . You'll even find Thomas Jefferson's recipe for vanilla ice cream!

Grab a cup or cone (or both), says July is National Month!

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